Jesus Freaks?! Who are they anyway?

Names create images in our minds. We associate, link, fall back on experiences that are connected with a certain sound or a word. A name can evoke a queasy feeling in the stomach or immediately arouse sympathy. From a discreet raising of the eyebrows, a smirk, to a snort of laughter – depending on the politeness of the other person, there is hardly a limit to the range of reactions.
We have all made the experience that a name (if at all) only reveals part of who we are actually dealing with. Publications are a way of opening up the view of what is behind a name.

About the project

The Jesus Freaks have chosen a name that is provocative, that raises questions. Their name is closely linked to their history. It begins with alternative church services in clubs of the German city Hamburg.

According to the dictionary, a “freak” is a person who is enthusiastic about something in an excessively determined way. Freaks are people who do not fit into normal bourgeois life, who leave social ties behind for their freedom. These characteristics distinguish the Jesus Freaks faith movement. They leave the common paths of conventional Christianity and are resolutely enthusiastic in their faith in Jesus.

In a 40-page publication, the Jesus Freaks would like to introduce themselves to the readers. What is behind the name Jesus Freaks? What do they believe in? What is their vision? In which areas are they active? And how can you become a part of the faith movement?

The movement takes shape out of the individuality and passion of each members. It is only through people that the visions and values of the Jesus Freaks come alive and can be experienced.
The design concept of the publication reflects this basic idea in the layout as well as in the selection of fonts. A portrait series showing members and followers of the Jesus Freaks frames the informative part. For the cover, chapter pages and highlighted text passages, the Freaks Font was used. The font was composed from the handwriting of various members. Read more about the Freaks Font project.

Web Visuals – Based on the publication I designed some elements for the Jesus Freaks Website.